Participate to the 2017 carpooling challenge!
From November 13th to 24th

At the end? A prize of CHF 2’000.- value for one team drawn among the participants!
The first 100 registered will also receive a participation prize.

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Vanpooling interview


Centrale Mobilité

Parking Clarins – Chemin du Champs-des-Filles
(+41) 800 25 26 27 (appel gratuit)
Du lundi au vendredi de 7h à 19h.

2017 carpooling challenge!

  -1-  I choose my mode of transportation
I’d like to test a shuttle/ try vanpooling*
* the hours will be precisely defined with users
** Skylab : room at the 1st floor
  -2-  Information
My address
If already a carpooler:
  -3-  Security Question
  -4-  Validation

* Champs obligatoires pour activer le service